About Ourselves: Daniel

Hi friends!! Have you ever thought of your dream job? I think I found mine at WU!

Kelsey, Aleks and I are working really hard to represent WU in the One Young World Summit 2015 held in Thailand, oh yes, Thailand: The Land of Smiles.

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I am 22 years old, I live in Costa Rica and believe it or not; this is my first job! (I could not have started better, right?) I have worked for WU for 4 years partaking in several Anti-Money Laundering Compliance divisions which have lead me to understand the world’s economic cycles and human nature itself.

The world needs leaders who want to make things better for all people around them, but we all need to work on ourselves and build a better future individually, during the summit we will meet amazing people from around the world who are definitely changing their community and the world piece by piece, they are real superheroes and we all need to learn from them.

I am doing my part by being an active member of the WU Foundation and being involved in the Solo Fe project, an initiative to be tutors for children in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, I also have a very rewarding hobby, being a soccer referee!! This helps me connect with all kinds of communities in my country and allows me to assist sports programs that create social capital.


I am extremely happy to be a WU Delegate, I promise I will seize every moment and will bring back many ideas, projects and enthusiasm to generate a long-lasting impact in everything within my reach.

Bookmark this site, we will show you everything we experience so you feel you are there as well 😀


2 thoughts on “About Ourselves: Daniel

  1. I’m so proud of my little brother!! I know you’re going to represent WU and our contry in the best way, your level of passion and enthusiasm in everything you do will definitely generate a lot of contributions to the One Young World Generation. I Love You ❤


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