One Young World is officially on!

Hello All!

Today is the day when it all started. We quickly had breakfast and off we went to the Bangkok Convention Center for registration! The crowd was huge! The number of countries represented is just a few short of Olympic Games. We even have a representative from Monaco!

Later on we went on a boat tour and it was lovely! They took as to many famous highlights of the city and offered lunch. This was also a great opportunity for us to network with people from many different organisations. There were many people in their national costumes and me and Kelsey even got a picture with a lovely Thai lady.

  For the opening ceremony we have arrived to the Royal Palace and this event was the first non-governmental event ever to be allowed in it. This was amazing! We were introduced to the councellors (the featured image is actually of an ex-UN general secretary Kofi Annan giving the speech) as well as had the flag ceremony.  I screamed so loud when Lithuania was on! Just couldn’t help myself. 

So far this incredible to be a part of and I’m so grateful to be here. We have the first full day of the summit tomorrow which we will try to blog live from, so make sure you stay with us. I can already tell this will very inspiring.



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