Understanding Thai traditions and culture

Hello all!

First of all, last night we had our amazing dinner in our hotel with all the delegates. I met a fellow Lithuanian Justina and we managed to snap a selfie with a volunteer! We have one more representative from Lithuania Lina. I hope I can somehow catch them both at the same time to have a group photo.

Today we went separate ways to external brake out sessions. I picked the session called “Understanding Thai traditions and culture. Little did I know that I was walking into the filming of the TV show news segment for which we were filmed extensively filmed and photographed.

We went to Sunandha Palace where we were shown by the students and staff how the King and the Queen used to live like. We were greeted by the rector of the Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University and his students wearing periodic Thai wear.

What happened next was we got to wear Thai clothing ourselves! I look good, don’t I? I also gave an interview for the TV which should air in January.

There was also an option to make traditional Thai flower bracelet or paint an orchid flower which most of the group did splendid except me. I did take a picture of the girl helping out so nicely (look at that costume!).

Thanks to One Young World for the opportunity to find out more about Thai culture.

Special thanks to Joanna for an awesome companionship. Neighbors rule.


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