Catching up on things!

Hello All!

Ok, so there’s a number of things we need to catch up with as we were so busy these 2 days that there wasn’t much time left to do anything else but sleep.

Apart from External Breakout sessions (yes, where I got to wear the costume), we had half a day of sessions in a convention center. They were very interesting. One of the key people speaking was Bob Geldof (yes, he used to be in Pink Floyd). Media has already picked up on some of his quotes during the summit such as “ISIS terrorists who are the killers are your age. You are the killers”. This time around he was not as controversial and had a very inspirational speech about what we’re meant to do after One Young World and why it is so much better than Davos (ha!).

Another speaker was Yeonmi Park the video of whose I posted earlier for you. Yeonmi has now released a book “In Order To Live” sharing her widely publicized story about escaping from North Korea. Yeonmi is an outstanding speaker, she had everyone in tears again which was followed by a lengthy standing ovation.

For the next day which was also the closing day (I’ll post about the closing ceremony later) we had a few more speakers such as astronaut Ron Garan (I hope his video is out soon, it’s so inspiring!) and went onto our separate internal breakout sessions. 

I have so MUCH to tell you when I’m back!



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