Andrius Karieta – Lithuania

Can you please introduce yourself and your WU Journey shortly?

I’ve joined Western Union 1 year ago as an Analyst at Global Enterprise Messaging Team. Currently, I am responsible for expansion of SMS notifications program for MAAE and AEU regions. I really enjoy working for WU because there are so many opportunities to grow professionally and personally too. If you would love to work in the truly global environment – WU is the company you should think first.

What are you passionate about and how you can help to create a better tomorrow?

This year OYW Summit will concentrate on the following sessions related to: education, environment, global business, health, human rights, peace and security. Causes the most I am passionate about is education and environment. I believe these are the key areas to concentrate the most today. If we are capable to protect our environment and highly educate our global citizens, no doubt we will be prepared to find creative ways to solve any global issues now and in the future!

If we want to have a high quality of life in almost every part of the world – we must to cherish the planet earth. If we don’t act now, our quality of life will go down so dramatically and it will be no purpose to think how to grow our economies, business or ensure customers’ satisfaction. Protecting our environment is not about driving electric car or sort waste at home. It is about a new concept of the way we live: how we consume, organize expansion of our cities and all infrastructure, which technologies we use and etc.

Why education is so important at this point? I believe, only educated society can be more aware about the current and potential global threats. Educated people have more tools to act, they can use knowledge and find innovative and sustainable solutions in order to solve current and the future problems that can help us to create a better tomorrow.

What any of us can do in order to have a better tomorrow?

First of all, we must to wake up our society and to be aware about the climate change, refugee crisis, security threats and all the other things that really matter today. Any of us who is aware about global or local threats can join non-profits, use social media and technologies to help increase awareness to global or local communities. We can educate society about finance, technology, sustainability, leadership, environment and any other topics where you have a strong knowledge. We can use financing solutions, social media and global business opportunities to make something good to happen. We must spend even a small part of our time to support charity organizations, endowment funds or any other structure which is familiar to your personal values or goals.

What do you expect to achieve during the One Young World Summit?

OYW is a great opportunity to take part on the most pressing issues we have today. I am expecting to meet talented and open minded people, get the latest information on key topics throughout the summit, share my own thoughts and ideas with others. I believe, all together we will be capable to come up with an action plan which can lead all humanity to the more sustainable and better tomorrow!

Thank you Andrius for the interview.


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