Carlo Baldonido – Philippines

Can you please introduce yourself and your WU Journey shortly?
My name is Carlo Baldonido and I currently sit within the Regional Talent Acquisition Team of Western Union as a Senior Regional Recruiter covering hires for APAC, AROC, MEAI, EE & CIS.

I have been with WU since 2014 and I am mainly responsible for all the hiring initiatives in the region. I am proud to say that I have helped talented professionals secure their dream jobs for the better.

What are you passionate about and how you can help to create a better tomorrow?

Children’s welfare has always been the CAUSE that I am very passionate about. With the recent turmoil in war torn countries in the middle east, the refugee crisis around the Globe has been increasing at an alarming rate and a lot of children have been separated from their families due to this. Not only do they suffer from the lack of shelter and hunger, they have also been traumatized with what they have witnessed at war and this restricts them from being CHILDREN.

Being part of Western Union’s Global Talent Acquisition Team, I have an amazing platform to help child refugees and their parents secure a better future through the open vacancies that we have. As WU US forms a strategic partnership with the White House to support the global refugee crisis,  I would like to cascade this cause to facilitate education to refugee children to ensure that they have access to all schools creating quality distance learning platforms and programs. More importantly, I am in a position to influence our leaders in increasing employment opportunities to refugees by supporting entrepreneurship and re-entry into the workforce.

Carlo - WU Delegate in Ottawa 2016
Carlo – WU Delegate in Ottawa 2016

Being within the recruitment arena for the past 8 years, I have helped hundreds of professionals secure their dream jobs for the better.  I want to be involved in the various programs driven by WU Talent Acquisition to enable refugees and asylum seekers get back into the workforce by conducting career workshops, language training and cultural talks to help them assimilate in the new place they now call home. Providing internships opportunities to refugee students within the company will empower them to become better citizens of the world.

This initiative can also be implemented not only in the US but also throughout the 200 countries that western union has been servicing.

What do you expect to achieve during the One Young World Summit?

As a OYW delegate , I am keen to engage with Asylum Seekers and or Refugees attending the summit and hear their stories, what they need and what they wish to happen. With this, I can come back with an action plan on how Western Union can help them from a Talent Management perspective.

Thank you Carlo for the interview.


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