Maria Villela Herrera – Costa Rica

Can you please introduce yourself and your WU Journey shortly?

My name is Maria Villela and the Know Your Agent trainer for the Global Agent Training team. I’ve been working with WU since 2013. Before my current position, I had several roles such as DRT associate, Fraud Enquiries Analyst, and Quality Specialist. As you can see, I’ve been involved with several organizations and had the opportunity to meet people from many sites and countries.

What are you passionate about and how you can help to create a better tomorrow?

I am highly passionate about creating learning opportunities for children, especially, related to English. I strongly believe that education can help us empower our children to break the vicious cycles of poverty, inequality, and violence. I work as a volunteer in several programs that aim at providing lessons and materials to children from communities at risk, so they can have a chance of forging a better future for themselves and for their families.

What do you expect to achieve during the One Young World Summit?

I expect to learn about the ideas other young leaders are carrying out in other countries that can be applied in mine. I want to bring back those wonderful ideas and tons of that contagious energy that are transmitted in the Summit to inspire our organizations and get more volunteers willing to go the extra mile to make a better future. My experience working with children has provided me with a special empathy with this cause and, along with my project management knowledge, I can help my peers turn their ideas into actions, so we can start working together for a better world.

Thank you Maria for the interview.


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