Alimatou Sandou – France

Can you please introduce yourself and your WU Journey shortly?

I’m Alima from the French subsidiary. For 3 years now, I’ve been enjoying the professional and cultural diversity of Western Union as part of the France-BeNeLux Marketing team. Marketing at WU is a challenging path. It’s not limited to building creative/communication campaigns. My tasks also include corridors management. For instance, on the corridors I am accountable for, I recommend and implement pricing actions in order to meet the financial plan defined by the top management.

What are you passionate about and how you can help to create a better tomorrow?

I am passionate about education. To me education is a necessary precondition to reach any other sustainable global goal. It goes beyond degree. If we want to build peace, we need to educate people about peace. If we want to protect the environment we need to educate people about environment.

I have a strong interest for women-related issues too. In the past, I attended some workshops organized by the United Nations on the theme of violence against women in conflict areas. Also for my Master’s degree, I worked during one year on this topic:  ‘‘Woman, femininity and feminism in the 21st century’’. My conviction is no matter what we stand for, we can’t empower a group without involving another group, mostly if that later group happens to be the one that has the ‘power’. That’s why, I think the most important step in empowering women is to get men more involved.

I have always known that I want to act and make the world better, may it be for only one person. I used to help some NGOs and associations from time to time but it was not on a regular basis. I knew I wanted to do more but I was always wondering how I would make it all work between my personal, educational, professional, social lives. I couldn’t find the perfect time to start a permanent volunteering/game-changing activity.

Elton JOHN says: “Sorry seems to be the hardest word“. I agree and want to add “Starting seems to be the hardest thing“. After years of finding reasons why I couldn’t start, 2016 is the year I finally started my ‘contribute-to-build-a-better-world’ journey. And the One Young World Summit is a stopover in that journey.

What do you expect to achieve during the One Young World Summit?

As a millennial, when I take a trip down history lane and see what our parents and grand-parents achieved, I realize that our generation should get more involved in the current global challenges and carry the torch of peace that the United Nations has been building for more than half a century. We have a way to go. I have a way to go. I hope the One Young World Summit will help me design my own action plan in order to have direct or indirect impact at least in the life of some people around me.

Thank you Alimatou for the interview.


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