Trent Osmond – Australia

Can you please introduce yourself and your WU Journey shortly?

I started with Western Union shortly after my 19th birthday in Sydney 2007… which makes me almost a 10 year veteran before 30!!!  Over the years I have progressed through the ranks and now find myself as one of the most Senior Dealers in the APAC region responsible for one of the largest portfolios. Amongst my portfolio, I manage International Payments and Risk Management Strategy’s for organisations who either import and/or export goods and services globally.

A typical day for me on the Desk involves monitoring my client’s payments, servicing their cash flow requirements and proactively providing insights and strategies on how best to manage the currency fluctuations against budgets and costs. From an FX perspective, combining these services is the best way to set up my clients for success. This limits the unknown outcomes when it comes to Foreign Exchange and empowers them and their organisation to grow and meet their financial goals.

As typical and cliché as it sounds, I am driven by customer satisfaction. It is a fairly simple equation. If a client has a pleasant experience, their expectations met (or exceeded), naturally they will continue to work with you and partner to grow.

What are you passionate about and how you can help to create a better tomorrow?

I am extremely passionate about the environment and self and wellbeing.

Environmentally, while Australia is a lower contributor to Carbon Emissions, per person we have one of the highest Carbon Emissions rate around the world. This means that we are not operating efficiently as other countries. The mentality of the ‘major’ contributor’s needing to change as a priority is not the case in my eyes. If everyone who is a contributor worked together, explored common solutions and also executed on these strategy’s the world would be a better place. I am super keen to learn what measures are being put in place and how I can go about educating the population here in Australia.

Self and Wellbeing is a fairly broad subject ranging from human rights through to personal considerations about oneself. I am eager to listen to the hardships endured by other delegates from regions where self and wellbeing is not a priority and what the consequences are. I am from a fortunate country which supports and offers the opportunity to fulfil your dreams while not compromising on self and wellbeing. I am sure the OYW experience will give me more perspective to this and help develop a plan on how we can improve self and wellbeing for the masses.

From a Western Union perspective, I am naturally passionate about my role and how I can best contribute to the NGO and NFP space. We have a sensational solution for our NGO clients who are often after quick, efficient and cost effective solutions to move money around the world (TT or Cash). WU is in over 200 countries around the world and we are able to leverage our scale to support NGO’s (and other organisations) to link regions together to move money efficiently and effectively. I wish to spread the word and look to support any organisations seeking such opportunities through their finance supply chain.

What do you expect to achieve during the One Young World Summit?

It goes without saying, however the One Young World experience will no doubt surprise me for better. I am looking to get a better understand of pressing issues globally which in Australia I have relatively little exposure too.

I am also keen to learn as much as possible while I am abroad to hopefully educate my network and peers when I return. It will also present a great opportunity to workshop ideas and solutions with other young, bright and driven delegates around the world to hopefully improve on challenges facing them.

Thank you Trent for the interview.


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