Getting Ready for the Summit – Carlo

August 10, 2016 (WED) when I got a call from our EVP, Shannon Sisler informing me that I have been chosen by Western Union as one of the delegates to attend the One Young World Summit at Ottawa, Canada this year. I was more than thrilled to hear the news, I was ecstatic! I finally have a stronger platform to push through with the causes that I am really passionate about, especially in addressing the Global Refugee Crisis.

Little Boy in Aleppo: A reminder of war’s horror. Photo courtesy of CNN

The photo above speaks for itself.

This kid could have been in school learning how to read and write

This kid could have been playing with his friends outside, or in the comforts of his own house in PEACE

This kid could have been hugging his mom, dad, brothers and sisters and enjoying life with family

This kid could have been dreaming of what he wants to be when he grows up, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, etc.

All of these are left in “COULD HAVE BEENS” and children are barred from being children as they escape their homes and seek for a better place to live.

I could not stand the many children affected by war in the Middle East and more so in Syria. According to, more than 19.5 million people have been forced to seek sanctuary abroad. Governments have a duty to help them. But most rich countries are still treating refugees as somebody else’s problem. Hiding behind closed borders and fears of being “flooded”, they have conveniently allowed poorer, mainly Middle Eastern, African and South Asian countries, to host an incredible 86% of all refugees. And by ignoring most appeals for humanitarian aid, they have left UN agencies so broke they can’t even feed many refugees properly anymore.

This has to change, now!

I am glad that apart from Western Union, there are also a lot of global companies sending their delegations to the summit this year. My goal is to network as much as I can and list down all possible solutions on how we, as an organization can help these refugees through our CSR initiatives.

One of the many WU agent locations around the world. Photo taken at Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

The WU Delegates will have an Action Learning project which we will be presenting to the business after the summit, and hopefully at least 3 ideas will be implemented from a Talent Management perspective.

Will keep everyone updated and see you all in Ottawa next week!

#OneYoungWU #WithRefugees


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