My WU Experience – Kelsey


Yesterday marked our first day in Ottawa as a team! We kicked off with a teambuilding session and then headed to the local WU digital engineering office and were joined by a few WU Business Solutions employees. Compared to corporate headquarters (where I’m based), this office is tiny (only ~5 people) but the team is clearly passionate about what they do. I’m much more of a creative thinker, so engineering and finance completely fascinate me. One of the things I love about working at WU is that we have people everywhere. When the digital engineering office heard we had a team coming to Ottawa, they reached out and offered to host us for lunch and take us on a market tour.

As someone who was born in the US, lives in the US and doesn’t really have family abroad, I rarely use WU’s products / services. Considering that I’m so passionate about what we do and who we serve, that’s really unfortunate (note to self: will make more of an effort to use our products and services). The local office took us to the agent location, Money Mart, around the corner. My boss is always emphasizing the importance of the voice of our customers. Going on a market tour allowed for the team to experience what our customers do, as well as identify what works & what doesn’t.


To pick-up money was really easy & took less than 5 minutes. Sending money, however, was more challenging. While we were figuring out who to send money to and what service we wanted to use, I watched our customers come in and come out. For many of them, this was part of their daily / weekly routine. One of the customers even greeted an agent (aka person working at Money Mart) like they were old friends. This made me think about our products & services differently. Imagine going to the gas station to put gas in your car, but there’s no gas in the pump. Or, you go to fill up your gas tank and it takes you 20 minutes. How incredibly frustrating would that be?! Especially, if you NEEDED to be somewhere. A lot of our customers send money for education, emergencies and to support their families back home. People rely on us and our products & services are part of their daily routines, which is why it’s so important that we put our customers first and focus on their experience.



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