Outputs of our first OYW day – Shahm

Today was just a great day! After a fast breakfast in the morning, we head out from the hotel to Shaw center, where today’s activities were taking place. We were there early and got near places just in front of the stage!


First day sessions started at 7:45 with a big subject about the media’s impact in our life to build a positive world. Then a fantastic subject about “In and out of extremism” was presented by persons who lived this bad experience and got rid of it! They talk about extremist main motivations and how education can have an important role to protect people from falling in extremism!

The third  session was driven by Mr Kofi Annan and 10 Young leaders of his foundation! They presented a great initiative #ExtremelyTogether to stand against terrorism and radicalisation! We are going to join them tomorrow to participate in an international video that they will be sharing around the world to show how extremely together we are !

After our first break, a very great session started with Professor Muhammad Yunus about a world with 3 zeros: zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero net carbon emissions!

Mr  Yunus shared with us great principals and constructive methods of thinking!

What had a great impact on us was when he said:

“We should not be job seekers but job makers”

“Imagination defines destinations and without imagination we can go nowhere”

“Close your eyes and imagine the world that you want to create and it will become  a reality”


After that we were attending lots of sessions about different subjects which concern the environment, education, business development, LGBT human rights and gender equality with Emma Watson!


During breaks, we communicated and exchanged ideas with other different teams from all over the world! We started building a strong network with companies and foundations sharing with us the same principales to impact our world especially in education, business development and refugees crises areas!

Carlo and I, had an interview with Spark News during lunch break and we have responded to different questions about our objectives, plans, solutions and impacts.

It was a pleasure for us to see that other teams were so interested in our goals, organization, our multiculturalism and our purpose of being here representing WU in order to #MoveMoneyForBetter  πŸ™‚ !

After this long day we believe that: our objectives, as a team sharing WU vision and initiatives, are in the deep heart of OYW summit aims and goals!

it is going fast, but we still have a lot to do …

Shahm πŸ˜‰


#OYW #WesternUnion #OneYoungWU


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