OYW Experience – Andrius

Today is just another day of the great OYW experience! Like every single day, we are waking up around 6-7 in the morning, grab some coffee and join the crowd of other fellow delegates in Shaw Center in Ottawa. All day we are attending incredible sessions on the most pressing issues the world is facing today. There were some many topics and presenters who catched up my attention throughout their sessions. Here are some of them:

#ExtremelyTogether: A Kofi Annan Foundation Innitiative to fight against violent extremism and appeal for greater tolerance of refugees.

One of the young leaders of #ExtremelyTogether, Bjorn Ihler, shared his story of how he was hunted down at a youth camp by mass killer Anders Breivik in 2011. “There was Anders Behring Breivik taking aim at my head. For a moment I thought I was dead, I thought it was my last moment,” he said. Ihler escaped from Breivik after fleeing into water.


Yesterday Dambisa Moyo – global economist and author took a session on the topic of Inequality and the Global Economy.

Dambisa Moyo

To fight against income inequality we must to rebuild our economies in more sustainable and more transparent way than we have today. In order to double income in emerging markets these economies must grow 7% annually for the next 10 years with a current growth models and that is not very realistic. While around 90% of world’s population living in emerging markets the current models unable to provide a sustainable growth which do not harm environment, so here steps in education which is a crucial power to transform our economies and decrease income inequality in the long term.

Looking forward for the next OYW sessions and the great experience to share!



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