Wrapping up

day-2-7Here we are. The summit is over. We are leaving Ottawa. What a week for the team!

We started our Canadian journey a day before the beginning of the Summit. We visited WU Ottawa office and some points of sales. I realized how great it is to work for a company that has more than 500,000 locations in 200 countries and territories. Wherever I go, I can visit a location, test the service and tell myself I am part of this big family.

The Summit showed that people definitely know what Western Union does. No matter where they were from, when you said “I work for WU”, they automatically mentioned “Ah! The money transfer company”. However, discussing with them also stressed out the lack of awareness about WU Business Solutions and WU.COM.


This One Young World Summit had been a kind of marathon with sessions where we had the great opportunity to listen to and learn from people like Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson, Emma Watson, John Landau… and our ‘host’ Justin Trudeau.

Each and every session was a source of inspiration. Here are the 5 sessions I liked the most with a short summary.

In And Out of Extremism (Speaker: Maajid Nawad) / #ExtremelyTogether (A Kofi Annan Foundation Initiative)

Like us, extremist organizations have the dream of a better world. The issue is their “better world” is different from our better world, furthermore their “better world” is hurtful for others. We – as ‘non-extremist‘ people – need to speak up, especially need to discuss with our acquaintances attracted by extremes.



Climate Justice Dialogue (Speaker: Mary Robinson)

Most of us should stop seeing climate change as a threat for fauna and flora, animals and trees only. It’s a real threat for the humankind. The face of climate change is not a bear in the North Pole with ice melting but the face of a woman who suffers because she can’t easily access water anymore.

Day 2 (5).jpg


The 3 zeros (Speaker: Professor Muhammad Yunus)

Everything starts with imagination. It leads the way, defines the destination. We have to imagine the world we want and find a way to change the current world into the world we want. Education is a weapon. But there is another weapon more powerful than education, bigger than any other weapon: it’s our dream.



Ethics In The Context Of Technological Advancement (Speaker: Emmanuel Lulin)

As the speed of innovation is faster than the speed of law, ethics is becoming the new decision framework. By being ethical, a leader should bear in mind that people who respect the law expect to be “protected” anyhow, anywhere because by abiding by the law, they rely on the guarantee of the society.


Impactful Leadership (Speaker: Thuli Madonsela)

To influence and convince others to follow him/her, a person should have an E.P.I.C. leadership (Ethical, Purposeful, Impactful and Committed). Everybody can have an impact. What it takes is to move along the ‘V – L scale’, the ‘victim’ to ‘leader’ scale. A quote to picture this idea: “If you think you are too small to make an impact, think of a mosquito”.


Thank you Ottawa for this beautiful human and professional adventure! Aurevoir Ottawa…


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