OYW – Last but not least

What an amazing week! As I sit here for the last few hours in Canada I am reflecting on what was a huge week! Not only was I amazed by the number of scholars from around the World, I was awaken by moving speeches, calls to action and also an urgency to act, lead and support both back at home and also abroad.

As you have probably read from our other amazing Teams posts the topics were broad and there are so many points I could discuss, however I will keep it short and sweet touching on a few majors from the event.

I came to One Young World with an idea of what I would take away… not thinking that from the discussions that new energy, new perspective and new passions would be triggered.


The Global Goals for Sustainable Development (GGSD) was an incredible core for the week. Each Speaker, Organisation and future outlook was tied into the GGSD. As each topic was discussed, it was clear to me how they were aiming to target the above goals. Relating everything I learnt to the GGSD, I was been re-energised to forge new strategies within WU and WUBS to ensure we are doing as much as we can to help the World meet the benchmarks and where possible exceed targets.

Gender Equality was also a topic that hit home. Being a white male from a relatively comfortable upbringing in Australia, the issue hasn’t really hit me as much as it has done over the last week. Living with my partner and knowing yet not fully understanding the limitations she has in the community really resonated this week… I couldn’t not imagine being handicapped because of my sex, even before your first breath or before your first word, you enter a world which has already set expectations to what you can and can’t do. Opportunities for both males and females should be of equal and there should not be restrictions. While in Australia this is understood and being addressed, in more remote communities around the world the difference is significant and the contrast is considerably wider between males and females. It is great to see organisations angling towards educating, incorporating and growing the support networks in these communities to introduce equality.

The final thing I found interesting that I would like to mention was the idea of communication. While it is nothing new, discussions and talks about issues can certainly help resolve instead of physical actions such as war or terrorism. On the start of day 1, the ‘In and Out of Extremism’ was an interesting topic. We were able to hear from a previous member of a Skin Head Gang (far right) and also an Islamism Extremist. It was incredible to understand how they each got into their respective movements and why. You can certainly understand the influences on how they became caught up… however it is also easy to understand how if there was communication opportunities along the way they would never have been ‘extreme’ in each right. It didn’t just stop here however… all topics revolved around opinion and discussions. This goes from human rights to all forms of equality, mental health and the refugee crisis. Opening your ears and not your mouth seemed to be the lesson and I can certainly relate and agree to this!


Now heading back to Australia, it is time for me to implement my ideas. I am looking forward to digging further into the GGSD and working with WU and WUBS to see where we can look to implement charge for better on these topic and be at the forefront in the financial services industry to execute on these ideas.

Thanks for the week OYW… thank you WU team!! You are all legends and I can’t wait to catch up with you soon!!

Trent – OYW Ambassador!



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